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Thanks Chris, can't believe I missed that. The derivative setting is grayed out though, I assume I can enable it?
Thanks again


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Hello everyone,
Running Ekos.
Indi control panel shows 2.22g for firmware number.
My declination axis seems to oscillate + and - around the zero on the drift scale. Max swing around 5 arcseconds.
I'm thinking that I should fine tune the pid parameters to see if I can stabilize it.

Is this correct and if so where can I change the parameters. I've looked at every tab and menu I can find and am at a loss of what to exactly do.
I might add that the mount is a 1980's vintage C8 fork mount. I've pulled the 110 volt motor out and replace the RA with a stepper motor and mounted a dec stepper to control the declination axis. Using Onstep for control. So I have no manufacture information on configuring the mount and recommended guide rate etc.

Thanks in advance,
Wayne Hilliard